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StripT Dental Sectional Matrix KitStripT Dental Sectional Matrix KitStripT Dental Sectional Matrix System from Denovo Dental

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Strip-T Matrix Restoration System Introductory Kit provides 5 differently sized and shaped matrices for quick and easy side-of-tooth restoration and matrix procedures. Kit contains 50 matrices of 5 different sizes; small, medium, large, small anterior and large anterior. The kit also comes with a large assortment of Denovo’s Woody Wedges. Because of Denovo’s high commitment to quality, all Strip-T Matrices are:

— ISO and FDA Certified
— Autoclavable and Sterilizable
— Made with Surgical grade stainless steel
— Made in the USA

Denovo’s Strip-T Matrix System:

The system requires no clamps, rings or retainers. The stainless steel Matrices are strong yet incredibly thin (0.0015”/0.04mm) which also makes placement much easier than thicker dividers. Choose from the 5 different styles and shape of Matrices (Anterior small or large; Straight small, medium or large). Furthermore slide between teeth and wedge. And finally, preform procedure.

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    Question: Are the strip-T matrix bands used for both primary and permanent teeth? Also, which would be a better starter kit, performed or the strip-T's? Thanks!

    Answer: The Strip-T system can be used on any tooth, as can the Preformed Matrix. Most dentists find the Preformed Matrix system easier to use, as they are pre-welded into loops which easily adapts to the tooth. The Strip-T is a little more versatile but has a higher learning curve.