The Denovo Chairside Space Maintainer System

Fabricate a unilateral space maintainer appliance in just minutes - completely chairside! No more lab fees, impressions, pour-ups or multiple visits!

The Denovo Preformed Matrix Band System

No more bulky retainers or rings. Just seat and wedge. High patient acceptance and wider field of view to perform your procedure.

Pediatric Forceps

Forceps designed specifically for your pediatric patients, with slimmer sized beaks and handles to fit smaller mouths without sacrificing performance, weight, feel or gripping power. Solid forged with quality, medical-grade stainless steel and built to last.

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Very satisfied working with Denovo Dental, Their Customer Service team is always very prompt in responding to my questions and fulfilling my orders. I love all their products.

Dr. June Murakaru, DMD

Knightsville Pediatric Dentistry, Summerville, South Carolina

[Denovo Chairside Space-Maintainers] are quick and easy. You just place it in and you’re done, with no second visit, which parents and kids both appreciate

Dr. Todd Hillyard, DDS

Adventure Dental, Vancouver, WA

Denovo’s Preformed Matrix Bands are so much easier to use than the Tofflemire or T-bands we were using before! Plus the comfort and lack of a huge apparatus hanging out of mouths is great for our pediatric patient’s comfort and anxiety during procedures.

Dr. Race Bannon, DDS

San Francisco, CA

I’ve not had a child have any discomfort or infection with the Denovo Chairside Space-Maintainers. they act as perfect guide planes for the permanent molar to come in and heal up afterwords fabulously.

Dr. David Neill, DDS

Adventure Dental, Vancouver, WA

Denovo’s dental instruments are dependable and last a long time. I also like the size of their Pedo Forceps, because they allow me to “hide” the instrument in the palm of my hand, which helps my pediatric patients relax. The child’s experience is better, and so is mine.

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