How It Works

Denovo Dental Instruments
Denovo’s line of hand instruments are the highest quality instruments available

When you buy Denovo Dental Instruments & Scissors you buy quality and reliability. Our line of specialized instruments provide you consistent durability and precision. Leading dentists and orthodontists know that buying high quality instruments saves them money over time. Because of Denovo’s high commitment to quality, all Instruments are:

— ISO, CE and FDA Certified.
— Autoclavable and Sterilizable.*
— Made with Surgical grade stainless steel.
— Made in Japan.

*Wire Shears are cold sterilizable only.


Task forged with surgical grade stainless steel in Japan, so no rust or degradation of the steel through repeated sterilizations. Based on original Unitek designs, instrument functions address specific needs in your practice. To ensure quality, we inspect each instrument before it ships. Furthermore, our “hassle-free” return policy gives you peace of mind.

Pediatric Forceps:

Our unique line of Pediatric Forceps is designed with slimmer handles to ‘hide’ in your hand, reducing patient stress. Similarly, the beaks and heads are also smaller to allow for greater maneuverability and increased field-of-view in smaller mouths.

Sterilization & Certification:

Click here for Denovo Product Sterilization & Composition Guidelines

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