How It Works

The Denovo Clearfield Appliance is a simple, one-piece Cheek Retractor

Developed by leading Orthodontists Denovo Clearfield Orthodontic Cheek Retractors are a simple, one-piece Cheek Retractor which provides comfortable oral access from 2nd Molar to 2nd Molar. Due to The ClearField’s unique design, easy placement takes just seconds without the need for additional equipment. Furthermore, the one-piece unit requires no assembly and the unit is designed and priced to be disposable. As a result, no sterilization required! Because of Denovo’s high commitment to quality, Clearfield Orthodontic Cheek Retractors are:

— ISO, and FDA Certified.
— Disposable
— Made with eco friendly plastics.
— Made in the USA.

Quantity and Sizing:

Packaged in boxes of 12 and available in 2 sizes (regular and small). The Regular size will work with most of your patients – the small size is for young patients with small mouths.

Sterilization & Certification:

Click here for Denovo Product Sterilization & Composition Guidelines

Click here for Denovo’s Certifications