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The Denovo Pediatric Chairside Space Maintainer System saves you time and money

Premature loss of primary molars and subsequent ‘Gap Closing’ is a major factor in tooth misalignment for kids. Consequently for Pediatric, Family and even General Dentists, early prevention is critical.

The Denovo Pediatric Chairside Space Maintainer System allows you to create a custom appliance that maintains the space of primary molars until permanent teeth erupt. The device minimizes tooth drift, which leads to crowding and crooked teeth and expensive future alignment procedures. This system operates completely chairside and creates a highly customizable appliance in under 15-25 minutes. Total cost per appliance is approximately $10-$15 each. Only requires one patient visit. You can perform the procedure while the patient is still numb from the extraction.

Comparison to traditional methods and labs:

Traditional methods involve:

  1. Taking an impression mold of the mouth in an initial appointment.
  2. Sending the mold to a fabrication lab for an expensive custom appliance
  3. Scheduling a second appointment.
  4. And finally inserting the appliance.

Besides patient no-shows and delays on the follow-ups, tooth drift during time in between appointments sometimes renders the lab device useless. Denovo Space Maintainers only require one patient visit and are just as effective as a lab-fabricated device. The cost savings compared to lab-fabricated devices is significant. This system will cut your costs by as much as 50% while providing your patient with the most effective treatment available.

Based on the original system developed by Dr. Gerber for the Unitek Corporation, all of the components needed to fabricate the appliance chairside are included in our CE and ISO certified Pediatric Chairside Space Maintainer System except for band cement. Just use glass ionomer or other luting agent.


  1. First, select an approximate size pre-fabricated band trial fit the molar adjacent to the gap. Each kit has bands in 39 different sizes to choose from, for both the Maxillary and Mandibular arches, all packaged in easy-to-use, slotted trays. Find the correctly sized band and move forward with the procedure. Sterilize bands that did not fit for later use.
  2. Next, choose a wire, insert into the tubes on the band and slide to the desired length. The wire spans the gap space and abuts to the adjacent tooth. Denovo offers 4 types of wires to adapt to different clinical situations. from the plain wire which can be manipulated and customized, to the Distal Shoe wire with provides support when the opposing tooth has yet to erupt.
  3. Finally, crimp both tubes around the wire with the Denovo Crimping Plier (included in kits), seat the appliance and cement to the tooth with any glass ionomer.

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