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The Denovo Pediatric Chairside Space Maintainer System saves you time and money
Primary dentition plays an important role in a pediatric patient’s growth and development, not only for proper speech, chewing, appearance and hygiene, but also to guide erupting permanent teeth. Premature loss or extraction of primary molars especially can lead to significant detrimental effects because of tooth drift. Maintaining space is critical for setting up a child’s mouth for successful development. But, it will require early and quick intervention.
The Denovo Pediatric Chairside Space Maintainer System streamlines the process of creating and installing a custom unilateral space maintainer that effectively maintains the space of primary molars until permanent teeth erupt. This system allows you to create a band and loop (or crown and loop) appliance completely chairside, in under 15 to 20 minutes, completely chairside, all while the patient is still numb from extraction.

The Pediatric Space Maintainer System:

  • • The Space Maintainer System Kit comes with 78 different Maxillary and Mandibular pre-sized molar bands
  • • Start with a trial fit utilizing pre-sized Space Maintainer bands or crowns with pre-welded tubing,
  • • Next, insert a wire into the tubing, slide the wire to size to the gap & crimp the tubes.
  • • And finish by cementing the appliance in place.


The expansive range of band sizes, different wire (loop) types and flexible medical grade stainless steel 304 allow for a highly customizable device. With this system, Dentists can effectively address unilateral primary space loss and minimize tooth drift in virtually every presented case.
The custom unilateral band and loop Denovo space maintainer device performs just as, if not more effectively than a tradition lab fabricated band and loop, but at a fraction of the cost with only one appointment!

Comparison to traditional methods and labs:

Maintaining space is critical for setting up a child’s mouth for successful development. But it requires early and quick intervention. Traditional methods involve impressions, time-consuming and costly custom lab work, and scheduling multiple appointments. But all the time between appointments, re-scheduling and no-shows can lead to substantial tooth drift and additional interventions.
Chairside space maintainers solve all of these issues, allowing Dental professionals to address the issue directly after extraction without the need for a follow up appointment. Studies and surveys show that the custom band and loop is equally as sturdy and effective at maintaining space as a lab fabricated device. In addition, the cost savings compared to lab-fabricated devices is significant, with each denovo space maintainer costing only $10-$12. This system can cut your costs by as much as 50% while providing your patient with the most effective treatment available.

System contents:

Based on the original system developed by Dr. Gerber for Unitek®, all of the components needed to fabricate the unilateral appliance are available in a chairside kit (except for band cement – just use any glass ionomer):
Kits come with 78 preformed molar band sizes with pre-welded tubes. Each band is separated by size into maxillary and mandibular trays. Trays are slotted for easy identification and picking of sizes. Each tray also has an assortment of narrow and wide wires. Kits come with the Denovo tube crimping plier, for securely crimping the tubes around the wires.

Easy refills – Only order the sizes you need:

Band refills are available to order individually by size so that you only need to order the sizes you use most.

Denovo Space Maintainer Sizing Technique:

Start by selecting an approximate band or crown size from the Denovo Space Maintainer kit and then trial fit them to the tooth neighboring the space. A properly fitted band will slide onto the tooth with a tight, snug fit.

Space Maintainer Wires:

Then, select a wire size and type. Wires widths are narrow or wide to match the smaller and larger band or crown size ranges respectively. The wire type selected will be based on the clinical situation presented:
  • • Drop wires curve upward to prevent drifting of the wire into the gingiva.
  • • Plain wires are highly customizable, with the ability to adapt to most clinical situations.
  • • Occlusal rest wires provide added stability and support by bending over the occlusal ridge.
  • • And if the first permanent molar hasn’t fully erupted yet, distal shoe wires can be seated sub-gingivally. Make sure to verify proper placement with x-ray verification.
Insert the chosen wire into the tubes and re-seat to test length. The wires are designed to be longer than needed to make sizing flexible, and trimming with the Denovo wire shear or a hand-piece is an easy process. Then re-seat the appliance and slide the wire across the gap to save the space.

Crimp, and Place:

Using the Denovo tube crimper, lightly crimp the tube in mouth to maintain the adjustment and then remove. With the appliance out of the mouth, apply a solid, circular crimp to both tubes to firmly lock the wires into place. lastly, cement into place with your preferred glass ionomer cement. Perform any additional band contouring or loop curvature adjustments as needed.


Your custom space maintainer is installed! With a little practice, this process takes just minutes to complete. No more dealing with the time-consuming hassle of lab devices. With the Denovo chairside space-maintainer system you can quickly guide the way for erupting permanent teeth, resulting in an efficient workflow, healthy smiles and happy patients.

Learn more:

Want to learn more about our Pediatric Chairside Space Maintainer System? Watch the video above for a full visual demonstration Or call us to speak with product specialist: 1.800.847.8599
Order your Space Maintainer introductory band kit here:
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