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General Purpose Pediatric Molar Bands

Denovo’s General Purpose Pediatric Molar Bands fit primary and permanent molars with a gradual increase in height as band size increases. Featuring a regular temper for maximum adaptability, Denovo molar bands provide a strong yet flexible foundation for any pediatric and orthodontic band procedures. Designed with a narrow occlusal-gingival height and optimal inter-proximal width for ideal tooth separation. Large buccal surface allows for welding of attachments. Bands are proportioned for Maxillary and Mandibular arches with a universal side-to-side anatomy to to be easily adjusted for right or left molars.

Denovo molar bands are fully made in the USA with surgical grade Stainless Steel. Fully sterilizable by autoclave or other steam based methods. ISO and CE Certified.

Additional Specifications:

— Sizing range fits 1st primary, 2nd primary and 1st permanent molars.
— Band material: 0.007” stainless steel 304.
— fully proportioned with a gradual increase in height as band size increases
— Sterilize by Autoclave: temperature range 250°—270° F (121°–132° C).
— Made in the USA.
— ISO 13485:2016 and CE (EU MDR 2017:745) Certified.

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