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General Purpose Pediatric Molar Bands

Manufactured of strong yet malleable stainless steel, Denovo’s General Purpose Pediatric Molar Bands are available in regular temper and narrow occlusal-gingival height. Available in convenient kits with drawers and inserts for easy access and reordering. Kits come with 39 full and half sizes, while more popular sizes have higher quantities. Also available for individual ordering by size with the new order page online.

Because of Denovo’s commitment to quality, General Purpose Pediatric Molar Bands are:

— ISO, CE and FDA Certified
— Autoclavable and Sterilizable
— Made with Surgical grade stainless steel
— Made in the USA
Designed in maxillary and mandibular shapes, these bands have universal anatomy to fit 1st primary, 2nd primary and 1st permanent molars. 0.007” stainless steel walls sturdy enough to last, but malleable enough to customize for any applications. Each band is fully proportioned to provide a gradual increase in height as band size increases.

Sterilization & Certification:

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