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Denovo Dental Adult Introductory Preformed Matrix Band KitDenovo Dental's Adult Preformed Matrix Band Height Comparison Diagram

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Adult Intro Preformed Matrix Band Kit: includes everything you need to get started with Denovo’s Class II matrix system. 10 bands each of all 15 sizes (total of 150 bands). Also includes small assortment of wooden wedges.

Conveniently packaged in Denovo insert and drawer for easy access. Refilling your kit is easy! Refill bands are available by size in boxes of 20 total bands. Re-order your most used sizes and place back into your kit wells to stay organized and efficient.


Denovo’s Preformed Matrix System:

The Denovo Dental Matrix Band System provides preformed, retainer-less bands for quick and easy class II matrix restorations. Just choose a size, fit to the tooth, wedge to improve contacts, and finish with any burnishing as needed. Try a size that doesn’t fit? Unused bands can be sterilized and put back in the kit. Once finished, pop the weld with an explorer or composite instrument for easy removal and dispose. Bands are designed and priced to be disposable. The system requires no clamps, rings or retainers. Similarly users of T-bands will find that the Denovo system is faster to use and just as effective. Bands do not require any welding or contouring.

The pre-welded matrix band sizes range from 1 to 15, increasing in band diameter to custom fit on any primary or permanent tooth. Adult band height is a consistent 1/4″(6.35mm) across the size range (a shorter size of 3/16″ (4.75mm) available in Pedo bands). Have back-to-back MOD’s? The ultra-thin and strong 0.0015″ (.0381mm) steel material allows you to place back-to-back bands all at once! No need to waste time forming numerous T-bands or have multiple rings causing discomfort to your patient.

To view and order full Matrix Band kits, click here.

Individual refills for pediatric and adult matrix bands available here.


Additional Specifications:

— Pre-welded in 15 sizes to fit bicuspids, 1st primary, 2nd primary and 1st permanent molars.
— Band material: 0.0015” (0.04mm) stainless steel 304.
— Sterilizable by Autoclave: temperature range 250°—270° F (121°–132° C).
— Made in the USA.
— ISO 13485:2016 and CE (EU MDR 2017:745) Certified.

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    Question: Recently found about your matrix band system, is it possible for you to send some samples to try so I can make my order? Thanks!

    Answer: Yes, please email your address to with your request. Thank you

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    Question: Does the matrix band, after use, go in the sharps container for disposal?

    Answer: The used band has very little puncture potential, however, the thickness of the material (.0015") does have a slicing component (very similar to paper, as in a paper cut). In short, to be absolutely safe, used matrix bands should be placed in a sharps container. That being said, dentists that we polled do not use a sharps container for the disposal of these bands.

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    Excellent product! A little pricy.

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    Work great! These are an amazing alternative to the Tofflemire. Cheaper, and easier to fit without causing patient discomfort