How It Works

Denovo Dental Impression Trays
Denovo Dental Impression Trays especially designed for pediatric patients

Specifically designed for pediatric and adolescent mouth sizes, Denovo’s pediatric & adolescent perforated plastic Impression Trays provide for easy and comfortable fit over younger patient arches. Available in 4 sizes — 0, 1, 2, 3, with specific designs for both the upper and lower arches. Color-coded by size. Also available is the Swivel Impression tray, which can take impressions of any quadrant utilizing the movable handle, which swivels for ease of use. Sizes can be ordered separately in packs of 12 or in an assortment pack.

Because of Denovo’s commitment to quality, Impression Trays are:

— ISO, and FDA Certified.
— Disposable.
— Cold Sterilizable.
— Made with eco friendly plastics.


A lower trimmed edge provides for easy insertion and increased patient comfort. Locking tabs assure positive gripping of the impression material. Designed with eco-friendly plastics and similarly priced to be disposable. Cold sterilization is possible if necessary.

Sterilization & Certification:

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