Pro Matrix Band Kit — Pedo 3/16″


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The Pediatric Professional Preformed Matrix Band Kit includes 20 each of 15 different sizes of the preformed matrix bands. The 3/16″ width is perfect for pediatric matrix applications. Each stainless steel band is pre-welded from .0015″ (.0381mm) stainless steel to form a loop that fits snugly around Pediatric to small Adolescent molars. Just place and wedge. Everything is packaged in interlockable kit boxes with drawers and inserts for easy access and re-ordering. Because of Denovo’s high commitment to quality, all Matrix Bands:

— ISO and FDA Certified
— Autoclavable and Sterilizable
— Made with Surgical grade stainless steel
— Made in the USA

Denovo’s Preformed Matrix System:

The Denovo Dental Preformed Matrix Band System is the easiest and most efficient system on the market today. The pre-welded matrix bands come in 15 different loop sizes in both Pediatric and Adult sizing to fit over molars. The loop design conforms to the tooth anatomy for perfect restoration procedures.

The system requires no clamps, rings or retainers; similarly users of T-bands will find that the Denovo system is faster to use and just as effective. The stainless steel bands are strong yet incredibly thin (0.0015”/0.04mm) which also makes placement much easier than thicker bands. Bands do not require any welding or contouring.


Finally, for more detailed Preformed Matrix System information and a full demonstration video, visit the ‘How It Works’ section at the bottom of the Preformed Matrix Category page.

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    Question: Can the preformed matrix bands be sterilized?

    Answer: Yes, they are made from stainless steel and can be sterilized by autoclave and high heat methods.

  • Question: Do you sell the empty spare box for matrix bands?

    Answer: Yes we do, link to the empty box here Link to empty Insert trays here

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  • (verified owner) |

    Excellent matrix band system for pediatric dentists. Highly recommended!

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    Best matrix ever!!! Easy to use and you get best results . my friend told me about it, never believed him till I tried it my self. Perfect contour and shape . I use the pedo ones.

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    Great Products! I’ve been using these matrix bands since completing pediatric residency and love them. When used properly they create a good shape for the restoration and they are fast and easy.

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    I have been using these matrix bands for the last 5 years, I love them! Very little finishing needed afterwords, contacts are tight! Plus ordering is always easy.

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    Great product overall!

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    Highly Recommended! Great product!

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    Love how organized it is and the quantity it comes with

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    Great product, highly recommended

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    Great Kit, use this every day

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    I had used these bands for over 7 years prior to having to use another type of band in a new office. I am so glad to say that these Denovo bands are the best for fillings on pediatric patients. I am SO glad to be using them again!

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    Very convenient and easy to use. However, It’s too expensive I think.

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    Great! Love the new style box, easier to use. We have always loved the bands we have been using them for 15years

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    Excellent! Best product ever .

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    Love these matrix bands. Highly recommend these bands. They are easy to place and efficient