1st Primary S/M Crown LL5

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Individual 1st Primary Space Maintainer Crown Refills for your existing kit. Choose from 28 sizes the easy-to-use online order system to refill your kit. Constructed from Stainless Steel, this crown provides a sturdy base with better tooth coverage on which to anchor a space maintaining appliance. Packaged and shipped in eco-friendly boxes. Because of Denovo’s high commitment to quality, Individual 1st Primary Space Maintainer Crown Refills Are:

— ISO, CE and FDA Certified
— Autoclavable and Sterilizable
— Made with Surgical grade stainless steel
— Made in the USA

Denovo’s Chairside Space Maintainer System:

Premature loss of primary molars and subsequent ‘Gap Closing’ is a major factor in tooth misalignment for kids. Consequently for Pediatric, Family and even General Dentists, early prevention is critical.

The Denovo Pediatric Chairside Space Maintainer System allows you to create a custom appliance that maintains the space of primary molars until permanent teeth erupt. The device minimizes tooth drift, which leads to crowding and crooked teeth and expensive future alignment procedures. This system operates completely chairside and creates a highly customizable appliance in under 15-25 minutes. Furthermore, total cost per appliance is approximately $10-$15 each. Another great feature of the Denovo chairside system is that it only requires one patient visit. You can perform the procedure while the patient is still numb from the extraction. Just fit a band size (choose from 39 full and half band sizes and/or 28 Crown sizes) to the gap adjacent tooth, size to the gap space by adjusting the wire length, crimp and cement.


Finally, for more detailed Chairside Space Maintainer System information and a full demonstration video, visit the ‘How It Works’ section at the bottom of the Space Maintainer Category page.

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