How It Works

Denovo Space Maintainer System saves you time and money

The Denovo Dental Chairside Space Maintaining system is used to maintain the space due to the premature loss of a primary molar. TheDenovo system is the most popular and highest quality system on the market. Using this system, it is possible to fabricate a unilateral space maintainer in under 15 minutes in one visit – no impressions to take, no lab fees or return visits. It can be done while the patient is still numb from the extraction.

The system is just as effective as a lab-fabricated device, and is highly customizable on the fly for increased effectiveness when required. Appliances maintain the space until the permanent molar erupts. The device minimizes tooth drift, which in turn can lead to crowding and crooked teeth which must be corrected via orthodontics.

TheDenovo Dental Chairside system is the original system developed by Dr. Gerber for the Unitek Corporation. All of the components needed to fabricate the appliance chairside are included in theDenovo Space Maintainer kit except for band cement (glass ionomer or other luting agent is used for this purpose). The cost savings compared to lab-fabricated devices is significant. When you factor in the cost of a lab-fabricated device (ordering and tracking), the chair time required to make an impression, a return visit by your patient, and the possibility of tooth drift while waiting for the lab device to arrive, theDenovo system will cut your costs by as much as 50%, while providing your patient with the most effective treatment available.

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