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This Dental Crown Scissor Kit includes all 3 Denovo scissors. Beaks include a straight blade, curved blade, and curved festooned blade. perfect for trimming stainless steel, aluminum and polycarbonate crowns. High quality scissors stay sharp through repeated use. Our line of specialized instruments provide you consistent durability and precision. Because of Denovo’s high commitment to quality, all instruments are:

— ISO, CE and FDA Certified.
— Autoclavable and Sterilizable.
— Made with Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
— Task Forged in Japan.
— Hand Inspected in the USA.


Task forged with surgical grade stainless steel in Japan, so no rust or degradation of the steel through repeated sterilizations. To insure quality, we inspect each instrument before it ships. Finally our “hassle-free” return policy gives you peace of mind.

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    Question: How do you clean and sterilize the Scissors?

    Answer: Wipe off any debris from cutting surface. Dry pliers before placing in sterilization bag. Place in a sterilization pouch and place into the Autoclave at your normal autoclave temperature. Most autoclaves peak at 273 F or 134 C, which is well within the limits of the instrument. Make sure that sterilized instruments are fully dry prior to storage.

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    Great quality instrument – super fast shipping and friendly staff

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    been in practice 35 years Hands down thee best C&B scissors ever

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    We place a lot of strip crowns and SSCs. These scissors are one of the few that allow a nice trimmed margin without leaving sharp shards that must be retrimmed. Curve is perfect!