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Denovo ClearField Orthodontic Regular Sized Cheek Retractors includes 12 Regular size appliances packaged in a convenient dispenser box. The regular size will fit all but the smallest of mouths. Because of Denovo’s high commitment to quality, all Clearfield appliances Are:

— ISO and FDA Certified
— Disposable
— Cold Sterilizable if necessary
— Made with Eco-Friendly Plastics
— Made in the USA

For the Pediatric sized Clearfield Cheek retractor click here

Denovo’s Clearfield System:

Developed by leading Orthodontists, the Denovo ClearField Orthodontic Regular Sized Cheek Retractors Feature a one-piece design that is simple to use, and provides excellent retraction from 2nd Molar to 2nd Molar. Allows for easy placement in just seconds, without the need of any additional equipment. The Denovo Clearfield design is extremely comfortable for the patient due to its simplicity. Appliances are designed and priced to be disposable so sterilization is eliminated.



Finally, for more detailed ClearField Orthodontic Regular Sized Cheek Retractors information and a full demonstration video, visit the ‘How It Works’ section at the bottom of the Clearfield page.

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    Question: Can you reuse the clearfield retractors if you cold sterilize?

    Answer: Yes, Clearfield Cheek Retractors can be cold sterilized.

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    Question: Does the Anterior bite move from side to side. One of your representatives demonstrated that it moves from side to side. We just received ours pedo and med size and the Anterior Bite doesn't move.

    Answer: When the Patient is biting down on the bite guide it will not move. To adjust the bite guide side to side you would have the patient open slightly, move bite guide to the position you would like it in, then have the patient bite down on the bite guide to hold that position.

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    Question: can the new design of the clearfield still be autoclaved?

    Answer: No, the new design will not hold up to any sterilization which involves heat. They can, however, be cold sterilized.

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    Question: I'm an Italian Orthodontist, interested in the dry field retractor. Do you sell overseas? Is it CE marked? thank you

    Answer: Unfortunately Italian customs does not allow our products through and has not given us a reason or solution to solve this, so we do not ship to Italy. We do however ship to most countries. The Clearfield Cheek Retractors are not CE certified.

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    Question: We currently use the NOLA Dry Field system and routinely use suction attached to the appliance. Your video instructions aren't very clear on how CONSTANT suction can be applied to the device, since opposite sides don't seem to be connected, as in the Dry Field system we now use. Clarification? Thanks!

    Answer: Our apparatus has notches in the back where you can anchor your aspirator tip. Unlike the Nola, The ClearField does not have internal suction capabilities - you are using your own suction device alongside the apparatus. Our original design did incorporate channels for removing saliva much like the Nola, but input from orthodontists guided us away from that - having channels complicates sterilization by introducing multiple parts to the apparatus. If constant internal suction is important during your procedures, you should probably stick with the Nola. The advantage to the ClearField is the one-piece design which requires no assembly and is easily sterilizable.

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    Question: Can clearfield retractors be put in cold sterile?

    Answer: Yes, Clearfield Cheek Retractors can be cold sterilized.

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    Question: Could you please provide measurements for the adult sizes or the largest size you carry? Thank you

    Answer: The Regular sized (Adolescent to Adult sized) Clearfield Cheek Retractor is approximately 3.25" (82.55mm) from lip groove to lip groove at the vertical center. The device is very flexible and easily bends in from there to fit multiple mouth sizes. The Height of the lipo grooves is approximately 1.5" (38.1mm), and the depth of the device from lip retractor, to the back of the tongue retractor, is approximately 2" (50.8mm).

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    Comfortable retraction with access all the way to the second molar

  • (verified owner) |

    No more tongue guards popping out during bonding procedures and the transparent design allows for very good illumination of the field. My number one choice for years.

  • (verified owner) |

    I was introduced to this cheek retractor at my first associate job. I enjoyed them very much and am now ordering them for my private practice.

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    Thank you. Retractors are very handy.

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    These are the best cheek retractors I have ever used. A while back I received a free sample and since then they are the only ones I use. I have recommended to a friend in Lisbon and I am taking a few for her this month. I also gave a few to my brother an orthodontist in Belo Horizonte, Brasil.

    They are the best. Congratulations to the inventor.

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    highly recommended! five stars

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    I want the one that we can sterilize back! I love the design and I am very disappointed that it is not made to be put in the autoclave anymore. We create a lot of plastic trash and now we have to add this to it.

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      Unfortunately the old autoclavable material was prone to fail at thin points after too many uses, and did not stand up to our quality standards — The new disposable design is much safer. Also to help reduce waste, the plastic appliances are recyclable.