Posterior Band Remover (Delrin Insert)


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Posterior Band Remover Instrument with Delrin Insert, ideal for the removal of bands. This long-beak, band remover incorporates a replaceable, friction-fitted Delrin insert to extend instrument life and effectiveness.

Replacement Delrin inserts (sku 800-704) available here

Our line of specialized instruments provide you consistent durability and precision. Can withstand multiple autoclave cycles with no degradation. Because of Denovo’s high commitment to quality, all instruments are:

— ISO, CE and FDA Certified.
— Autoclavable and Sterilizable.
— Made with Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
— Task Forged in Japan.
— Hand Inspected in the USA.


Task forged with surgical grade stainless steel in Japan, so no rust or degradation of the steel through repeated sterilizations. Based on original Unitek designs to support the Chairside Space Maintainer System. To insure quality, we inspect each instrument before it ships. Finally our “hassle-free” return policy gives you peace of mind.

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    Question: Good morning, I purchased the Delrin inserts for post band remover. They are very loose. Are they suppose to be glued or fit tightly. Not sure if I purchased the wrong ones.

    Answer: First, make sure you are trying to put the Delrin inserts into our Delrin band remover (800-204) and not into the Aluminum band remover (part no 800-202). The bottom arm on the Delrin band remover will touch the bottom of the Delrin insert, while the arm on the Aluminum band remover stops short. If you have the correct Denovo instrument and it's not more than 15 to 20 years old it should snap in snug. If you're still having issues please give us a call.

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