Create & Install a Pediatric Space Maintainer, Completely Chairside, in Only One Patient Visit.
No more impressions, expensive labs, or dealing with 2nd patient scheduling and no-shows! The Denovo©​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Space Maintainer System creates an effective custom appliance completely chairside in under 10 to 15 minutes — all while the patient is still numb from the extraction! 
Dentist Recommended
100% of Dentists Surveyed in 2018 were likely to recommend the SM system to their Colleagues. 67% said they already have!
100% Effective
100% of Dentists surveyed found the performance of Chairside Space Maintainers effective.
Fast & Easy
94% of Dentists found Chairside Space Maintainers easy to use. 88% take under 15 minutes to install, 65% in under 10 Minutes!
Based on a feedback survey results from 113 Dentists who use our products. Survey was sent to all active customers, responses were optional and random. Survey conducted in November 2018.
"This is the only system I would consider using. It is easy to use and so cost effective to purchase. Denovo makes reordering a breeze and the customer service is fast and efficient. I would have no reservations recommending Denovo space maintainers to my friends and colleagues.​​​​​​​"

 — Dr. Yoon Kati
"Last year I reluctantly switched over to the Denovo pre fabricated space maintainers. This year I’m buying a second kit for my associate! Avoid kids gagging during impressions & missed appointments for insertion of lab fabricated ones.​​​​​​​"

 — Dr. Muhammad Khattak
I've not had a child have any discomfort or infection with the Denovo Chairside Space-Maintainers. they act as perfect guide planes for the permanent molar to come in and heal up afterwords fabulously.

 — Dr. David Neill
[Denovo Chairside Space-Maintainers] are quick and easy. You just place it in and you're done, with no second visit, which parents and kids both appreciate

 — Dr. Todd Hillyard
"High quality space maintainers and hand instruments. Comes with everything you need to get your practice started making their own space maintainers. 15 minutes chair side time and no lab cost, no rescheduling, no impressions required."

 — Dr. Khilla
"Incredibly easy to use, and saves us tons of money and time compared to the labs. Also Patients love the decreased procedure time, and only one required visit. Would highly recommend this product!"

 — Dr. Samantha Brown

TRIAL FIT: Kits include 39 different sized Maxillary & Mandibular bands — select an approximate band and trial fit to tooth. 

INSERT WIRE & ADJUST LENGTH: Choose a specific wire, insert into tube and slide wire to desired length to cover the gap. 

CRIMP & SEAT: Crimp both tubes with the included Crimping Plier, seat the appliance on the tooth and cement.

Get Started with 15% Off ​​​​​​​the Introductory Space Maintainer Kit & Free Shipping
Introductory Space Maintainer Kit — $524.00
($445 with discount! + free shipping!)
Includes 1 band of each of the 39 sizes in both a Maxillary and a Mandibular set — total 78 bands. Kit also includes 78 assorted wires, tube Crimping Plier, and Demonstration Model. Use coupon code smg1 at checkout for 15% off your first kit!
Backed By Denovo's Satisfaction Guarantee: If you encounter any issues or don't like the product, return your kit for a full refund within 30 days, hassle free! 
A Custom appliance sized, created and applied in minutes
The system is just as effective as any lab-fabricated device, and is highly customizable on the fly for increased effectiveness. Just trial fit to the tooth (choosing from 39 sizes in maxillary and mandibular), choose a wire (from 4 different wire-types, each for specific applications), adjust the length to fit the gap, crimp together and cement the band in place — Only one patient visit necessary.
Packaged in convenient, easy to use kits
All of the components needed to fabricate the device chairside are included in the Denovo Space Maintainer kit (except glass ionomer band cement). With each device costing between $9 — $13, you'll save as much as 50% compared to lab-fabricated devices. Easily refill the individual band sizes you use the most with our brand new easy-to-use website.

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