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DENOVO's dental instruments are dependable and last a long time. I also like the size of their Pedo Forceps, because they allow me to “hide” the instrument in the palm of my hand, which helps my pediatric patients relax. The child's experience is better, and so is mine.

– Dane Hoang, DDS, MS - Children's Dental Care, Dallas and Richardson, Texas

Chairside Space Maintainers


Fabricate a unilateral space maintainer appliance in just minutes - completely chairside! No more lab fees, impressions or pour-ups!

Preformed Matrix


No more retainers or rings. Just seat and wedge. High patient acceptance and wider field of view for performing your procedure.

Pediatric Forceps


"Top-of-the-line" forceps are made with precision and durability in mind. High-quality stainless steel (not plated).

General Purpose Molar Bands


Strong yet malleable molar bands with a large range of sizes. Half-sizes available for precision. Surgical grade stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Crowns


Posterior and anterior stainless steel crowns in a wide range of sizes.

Dental and Orthodontic Instruments


The highest quality instruments available - durability and precision make these instruments last.

ClearField Cheek Retractor


The one-piece solution to your cheek retracting needs. Wide field of view and adaptability make the ClearField the easiest and best retractor.

Pediatric Impression Trays


Sturdy yet adaptable impression trays designed specifically for pediatric patients. Unique swivel quadrant tray is also available.

Crown Scissors


High quality scissors for all cutting applications. Three beak styles.